Why Sea Change

  • Sea Change Networking was born of a desire to serve the business community and was created to address the demand for a senior-level networking venue as a platform for the development of high-value referrals and referral sources.
  • We listen closely to the unique interests of our clients, and respond with innovative solutions to their needs and objectives.
  • We recognize the burgeoning role of networking in these times of economic uncertainty, where professionals search for strategies to connect powerfully with others to share referrals, resources, and alliances.
  • Our clients are those who suspect that their social capital is the most under-utilized asset in their portfolio, and are willing to seek the expertise for tapping its potential.


Whom We Serve

  • While good relationship builders have experienced success with their networking activities, many are left yearning for more, questioning what it will take to unleash the potential within their network of contacts. Those asking this question are our clients.
  • Sea Change Networking serves those who are unafraid of examining – even challenging – the status quo, and are called forth by the inherent rewards found in tackling that next challenge.
  • Our clients ask themselves, “With all the success I’ve had, what approach, what strategy, what new perspective could I identify that would make all the difference in producing a quantum leap?”
  • Our clients tend to be life-long learners who enjoy discovering what’s in their blind spot; and they love that there’s always another blind spot. They know that this is where all breakthroughs live.

Our Founder, Cynthia Greenawalt

2A graduate of the Wharton School of Business, Cynthia Greenawalt is a leading trainer, consultant, and professional coach on networking and developing social capital.

After serving as a Zone Manager in the Lincoln-Mercury Sales Division at Ford Motor Company, she took her passion for empowering people into the profession of management consulting, focusing on the DISC and Myers-Briggs behavioral assessment tools to facilitate powerful team building and communication.

Determined to help businesses access the immense potential in their social capital, Cynthia was the founder of both the Fort Lauderdale and Miami franchises for BNI-Business Network International, the world’s largest referral networking organization.

In addition, she co-founded the Referral Institute of South Florida, a major training resource for business professionals whose success thrives on networking and personal recommendations.

Cynthia founded Sea Change Networking to address the demand for a senior level networking venue for developing high-value alliance building and mastering the principles behind her core methodology, The Science and Art of Breakthrough Networking.

Contributing author of the New York Times bestseller, Masters Of Networking, and the Wall Street Journal bestseller, Masters Of Success, Cynthia provides business leaders with access to extraordinary results by developing their social capital and increasing their return on relationships.