Sea Change Networking offers the following services:

The Science and Art of Breakthrough Networking

It is a game-changing experience to attend Cynthia Greenawalt’s live workshop, The Science and Art of Breakthrough Networking. Her recorded version is a dynamic, 3-part program condensing the 2-hour seminar into 1 hour and 10 minutes.

Each of the 3 segments is 20-25 minutes, and has both an audio and video component.

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In this results-driven workshop, you will learn:

  • What it takes to turn piles of business cards into effective referral partners
  • The hidden element that prevents good relationships from becoming raving fans
  • How to harness the principles of quantum physics and the law of attraction to unlock the gold from the goldmine of our relationships


About the facilitator, Cynthia Greenawalt:

A graduate of the Wharton School of Business, Cynthia is a successful trainer, consultant, and professional coach on ‘unleashing the power of social capital’. She founded Sea Change Networking to address the demand for a senior level networking venue for developing high-value referrals and referral sources. Cynthia was the founder of both the Fort Lauderdale and Miami regions of Business Network International (BNI), the world’s leading referral organization. In addition, she is a contributing author of the New York Times best seller, Masters of Networking, and the Wall Street Journal bestseller, Masters of Success. For more info:

Power Partners Initiative

The Power Partners Initiative is a multi-session networking intensive, meeting weekly and serving a two-fold purpose:

  • An accelerated learning environment for mastering the application of advanced business-by-referral strategies. It includes the development of a written 90-Day Referral Marketing Plan.
  • A results-driven mastermind structure, in which participants radically transform their capacity to serve as profitable networking alliances for one another, with powerful tools to access the goldmine of opportunity found within each other’s networks – and the support to do so on a consistent, reliable basis going forward.

This Initiative uses a format that provides accelerated access to the Sea Change coaching principles for maximizing your ROR (return on relationships) both in your network and the networks of your power partners.

The Power Partners Initiative is comprised of four sessions (two hours each) or five sessions (ninety minutes each), convening weekly.

For corporations and organizations interested in the effectiveness and mastery that a multi-series program provides, a customized coaching intensive is available.

Corporate Keynote Presentations

A Sea Change corporate keynote presentation on networking provides an engaging platform that:

  • strengthens collaborative thinking
  • deepens the sense of community
  • ignites teamwork and productivity
  • empowers insightful communication that honors today’s culturally diverse workplace

This two-hour presentation includes:

  • A power-packed workshop component delivering the key principles behind our methodology, The Science and Art of Breakthrough Networking
  • Interactive activities designed to engage participants in one-on-one networking, providing hands-on experience of the materials discussed
  • Small group exercises that foster teamwork and open a new level of relatedness between co-workers

The presentation is tailored to match the interest profile of the sponsoring group or organization – supporting the goals, strategic plans, and team building initiatives driving that organization. For organizations interested in the effectiveness and mastery that a multi-series program provides, a customized coaching intensive is available.

Community Leadership Development

Professional, alumni, and cultural organizations are committed to providing valuable forums to their members to remain an imperative source of information on a variety of subjects. Breakthrough Networking is a topic of great interest and relevance in today’s economy. At the same time, this material helps members increase their return on their membershipthrough advanced, user-friendly networking strategies.

The result is increasing membership value and increasing retention.

The Science and Art of Breakthrough Networking can be offered as a one- or two-hour interactive presentation or as a multi-series workshop. It includes:

  • A lecture component delivering the key principles behind our methodology, The Science and Art of Breakthrough Networking
  • Activities designed to engage participants in effective networking
  • Conversational pathways that generate ideas for member growth and fundraising
  • Team building exercises that result in members creating new alliances and forging collaborative partnerships

This educational initiative will deliver new ways for these organizations to serve their membership and grow their enterprises in line with their objectives.

Client Testimonials

“I was very fortunate to become Cynthia Greenawalt’s client when I was 12 years into the life insurance business. I was the Assistant Managing Director at the MONY Group in Ft. Lauderdale, overseeing a team of 10 agents, while continuing to pursue my love of developing new clients. Over the next three years, I literally transformed from being ‘OK’ at getting referrals (all of which came from clients) to becoming masterful at cultivating relationships within strategic professions that referred me the bulk of my business. In those three years, my income from selling insurance tripled by acting on the networking and relationship-development principles I learned from Cynthia. I have since founded a networking group through which I am personally introduced to over 200 President/CEO’s on an annual basis. The success of this organization is a function of my mastery in creating a 100% referral-driven practice. I can honestly say that no training has had more of an impact on my ability to grow my business than the work I did with Cynthia. I often say ‘she taught me everything I know about networking’, and I mean every word of it.”

Richard Rogers, LUTCF
President & CEO, On Course Insurance, Inc.

“As a salesperson for 26 years in the real estate industry, I learned early on that having a coach is critical to success. I have consistently sought out coaches and mentors to assist me in stretching beyond what I already know and to support me in achieving sustainable results.Before meeting Cynthia Greenawalt, I was a very good networker and my business grew primarily through word-of-mouth. Working with Cynthia as my coach was truly a breakthrough experience for me; my success from networking and referral generating took a quantum leap into a new realm of productivity. To this day, whenever I am at a plateau and ready to break through to a higher level, Cynthia Greenawalt is the coach I call upon.”

Lara Pietras
Keller Williams Realty