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How Is Asparagus Farming Like Networking by Cynthia Greenawalt {2:38 minutes to read} Several years ago I gave a workshop discussing the benefits of being a “farmer networker” vs. a “hunter networker” (click here for my previous article on the topic). As a farmer networker, our sights are on creating a long-term sustainable yield from nurturing and cultivating referral partners who make introductions to potential clients. One of the attendees at that workshop explained to me how my training reminded him of the way asparagus grows. Because asparagus is my favorite vegetable, I was intrigued.

Networking “Deposits” That Make You “Coffee-Worthy” by Cynthia Greenawalt In my last article, “Are You Coffee-Worthy?” we explored how you can become a high-priority contact who can request “coffee time” with someone you’ve recently met. When you’re new to them, you’re sort of at the bottom of the line in their priorities! This puts the burden on you to find ways to move up on their pole ranking. Here are some networking courtship deposits that can help you do so: