Business Networking

Why a “Declared Client” Disappears & How Our “Attraction Factor” is the Remedy by Cynthia Greenawalt{3:21 minutes to read} In my 20 years of coaching and training, here’s what I’ve found to be at the heart of success in the art of referral generation: our Attraction Factor — the degree to which people feel inspired and connected to who we are as human beings. The most influential dynamic in having people feel drawn to us is our ability to be vulnerable, authentic, empathetic, and compassionate.

How Is Asparagus Farming Like Networking by Cynthia Greenawalt {2:38 minutes to read} Several years ago I gave a workshop discussing the benefits of being a “farmer networker” vs. a “hunter networker” (click here for my previous article on the topic). As a farmer networker, our sights are on creating a long-term sustainable yield from nurturing and cultivating referral partners who make introductions to potential clients. One of the attendees at that workshop explained to me how my training reminded him of the way asparagus grows. Because asparagus is my favorite vegetable, I was intrigued.

Are You Making Premature Withdrawals from Your Relationship Accounts? by Cynthia Greenawalt {4:02 minutes to read} Using a farming analogy, there are three stages before a harvest is ready: planting, fertilizing, and fruit bearing. In terms of networking relationships, the three stages are Know You, Like You, Trust You. It’s in Stage 3 - Trust You - that we can expect a return from these relationships in the form of referrals, favorable introductions, or favors (e.g., supporting our non-profit cause).

Harnessing Your Raving Fans Through the Taster Model by Cynthia Greenawalt {3:06 minutes to read} Once you’ve developed a base of referral partners, choose the top 10-15 that are in a deep state of trust with you. They understand what you do and perhaps refer you to others several times per year. They are Connectors who are willing to put their reputation on the line and open up their networks to you. These influencers are your Raving Fans.