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2 Ways to Nurture Networking During the Holidays by Cynthia Greenawalt {2:04 minutes to read} One of the most powerful ways to leverage the holidays is to look at the events on your end-of-the-year calendar and find out which ones are open to you bringing guests. Make a list of your VIPs (from current referral partners to those you would be interested in trading referrals with) — the longer the list, the better. Once your list is complete, there are two ways to go about nurturing and cultivating the garden of your relationships:

Networking “Deposits” That Make You “Coffee-Worthy” by Cynthia Greenawalt In my last article, “Are You Coffee-Worthy?” we explored how you can become a high-priority contact who can request “coffee time” with someone you’ve recently met. When you’re new to them, you’re sort of at the bottom of the line in their priorities! This puts the burden on you to find ways to move up on their pole ranking. Here are some networking courtship deposits that can help you do so:

Facts Tell, Stories Sell: A Fresh Look | Cynthia GreenawaltBy Angela Cason I have been in advertising and marketing for 30 years and pitched tons of businesses, but I had never been the person who had to get the meeting. When we started TEMPO Strategic in 2010, to provide the digital expertise our clients need, that picture changed. Suddenly, we had to think about new business. I had to think about new business. Yuk.

{3:05 minutes to read} Of all the tools for unlocking referrals and yielding a greater return from our garden of relationships, one of the most effective is making powerful connections. With my Power Partners Initiative clients, we develop this mastery by focusing on the gardening (cultivating) model. 5 steps to making a powerful connection | Cynthia GreenawaltBeing a masterful connector can be whittled down to 5 simple steps:
  • Identify
  • Questions
  • Save and Store
  • Wishlist
  • Catalyst.
You can remember this acronym - I.Q.S.W.C. - with this phrase, “Networking IQ Supports Wild Connecting.” In this article, we’ll focus on the I and Q portion of the acronym. Identify: