Why Referrals Are So Magical (The Sacred Triad & The Golden Goose)

Why Referrals Are So Magical by Cynthia Greenawalt

Why Referrals Are So Magical (The Sacred Triad & The Golden Goose)

{3:01 minutes to read} Let’s explore one of the most magical — yet, for the most part, hidden — elements in the realm of referral generation. If Sally, one of your trusted advisors or influential connectors from your network, refers you to Mike, even though you don’t know him, you already love him.

You walk into the meeting feeling inspired and excited about this person because you trust Sally’s opinion implicitly. She is Mike’s raving fan. Mike is relaxed because he has nothing to prove. He doesn’t need to worry about winning you over because you’re already convinced of his greatness.

Who is Sally in this dynamic? She is essentially a Golden Goose who lays Golden Eggs (referrals).

This makes Sally incredibly important to Mike. When you walk into Mike’s office, Sally is the one he is intent on making happy. Therefore, Mike has his eye on one ball when meeting with you. His commitment is that you leave this interaction beaming.

Yes, beaming. His agenda isn’t that he closes you. In fact, he is completely detached from you being his client. He only wants one thing in meeting with you: that you walk out the door literally beaming for having been so well served.

When Sally hears how blown away you were in dealing with Mike, Sally is reminded once again why she loves putting people in front of him: Mike makes her look like a hero.

When Mike has his eye on you leaving the interaction beaming, Mike is being his best self. He is not trying to close you into being his client; he is solely focused on serving you, the person in front of him. And here’s the irony: when Mike is being his best self in service of another, he has a higher closing ratio.

Therein lies the magic of The Sacred Triad™. Sally keeps referring more and more business to Mike. You walk away with the experience of being exceptionally well served. And Mike closes more clients by being his best self. If the world were made up of these Sacred Triads, not only would more business be created, but the quality of the relationships would be so extraordinary, it would have the capacity to change our lives, our communities, our world.

How are you nurturing Sacred Referral Triads™ in your life? I invite you to explore this dynamic more deeply with your Power Partners as an access to breakthrough results in your networking.


A graduate of the Wharton School of Business, Cynthia Greenawalt is a social capital expert and keynote speaker on referral generation. She is the founder of Sea Change Networking, a training company known for its methodology, The Science and Art of Breakthrough Networking™, and its flagship program, The Power Partners Initiative™.

Cynthia Greenawalt
Cynthia Greenawalt

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